Application Support Officer

AED 15,000 p.m.
My client, an International Bank based in Dubai is seeking a dynamic Application Support Officer to be based in Riyadh.
General support of business applications supported by the team but specific support of the SARIE application in line with SAMA expectations. The individual is expected to have six to twelve month's experience of performing the below SARIE activities:
- Operating TIF e-trust gateway and HSM Monitoring audit trails on AIX
- Configuring and applying SARIE security on workstations
- To monitor SARIE links SARIE logs and performance Startup/Shutdown SARIE application and or associated processes
- Identification and resolution of potential issues with SARIE
- Participate in contingency procedures and upgrades
- Monitoring of daily backups Administering LMKs
- Controlling and operating HSM and TIF
- Attending security committees Specify SARIE application role functions
- Manage the signing of Accountability Statements
- Maintain ordering receipt and storage of smart cards
- Create and Maintain SARIE Users together with associated smart cards
- Create and TIF Security Operators together with associated Cards Save
- Restore TIF Operator Database as and when required
- Maintain TIF Audit Trail
- Generate and Install RSA Public Keys (with appropriate SARIE Security Officer(s)
-Generate and Install ZTK in TIF (with appropriate SARIE Security Officer(s)
- Generate and Install LMKs with appropriate SARIE Security Officer(s)
- Liaise with SARIE Security Manager at SAMA when invoking contingency arrangements
- Manage SARIE certification (WebRAO) Transport Participant Bank Public Key to SARIE certification centre (WebRAO) for Certification
- Prepare and distribute PIN Mailers
- Manage and configure SARIE HSMs Holding TIF kmf file
- Export Issuer-base-key from TIF to workstation Holding Login-operator 1 (WebRAO)
- Generate ZTK at HSM Export Data from the TIF as and when required

Location: Riyadh, GCC
Industry: Information Technology