SBU Head, Sr. BDM, AGM - Sales & Marketing

A lean & Black Belt Certified Six Sigma Process Management Incumbent, with previous experience in the UAE Telecom ESP as an SBU Head, UAE GIS Software Projects as a BDM, CADD Software / hardware sales, Regional Dealer, in Kerala &Tamil Nadu as a BDM Corporate (AEC Industry), IT Hardware, high-end work station large format scanners, MFPs, 3D model printers, etc., available for immediate placement as an SBU Head, Sr. BDM, AGM - Sales & Marketing, RSM, preferably anywhere in the UAE or GCC, 20 yrs. of rich experience (14 yrs. in India & 6 yrs. in the UAE). +919400355914 / +919495182951 / Email:

Location: Dubai
Industry: Information Technology
Contact: +919400355914, +919495182951